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Extrusion - NAKS

In a competitive environment, it is important to add value to commodities. Early 2018, we started a Naks–extrusion plant on the Premises, using grit milled at Eendag Meule. We offer a range of 6 flavours and 3 pack sizes.

EM Factory shop

We are committed to excellent customer services and always strive to go the extra mile. In February 2018, we open our EM Factory outlet’s doors in Bothaville to the public, offering maize meal products, feeds, Naks and niche products to local retailers, farmers and the general public.

Going Green

Solar energy is a natural form of energy which does not contribute to global warming. Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels don't release any greenhouse gases, carcinogens, carbon dioxide or other poisonous gases. Eendag Meule is one of few mills in Africa making use of solar power.

The Eendag solar project currently consists of 2526, 255 Watt solar panels and 11 x 60 Kwp string inverters, which generates between 2.5 and 3.5 Megawatt power per day.  This adds up to approximately 1 000 000 Kwh per year and an estimate of 31 973 Mwh for the 25-year life span of the solar plant. 

This green solution saves 1 226 400 kg of CO2 pollution per annum and 30 660 000 kg of CO2 emissions over a 25-year span. The estimated number of trees which need to be planted to offset those emissions, equals 4 882 trees per year.

Recently Green energy is becoming progressively more popular due to the myriads of benefits it provides. It is a sustainable, reliable and comprehensive source of energy that requires little or no maintenance and provides long-term benefits.

We are proudly going green and are planning further development which will result in all our mills running off solar power.


Automatic bag placing system

Eendag Meule recently installed a Westweigh Systems fully automatic Premiertech Chronos bag placing system. This makes us the first mill in South Africa to install such a bagging system. The system consists of integrated dual head screw fed bagging scales, a Fuji robotic palletizer and semi-automatic pallet handling and wrapper system.

With unrivalled speed and reliability, Westweigh Systems provides a peace of mind packing solution to continuously pack our maize meal.  E-Milling strives to provide fast, quality service to our customers. With packing speeds of 20 bags/min for 10kg and 12.5kg, up to 18 bags per minute for 25kg and 10 bags/min on 50kg; we are able to achieve that.

At Eendag Meule Bothaville (Pty) Ltd, we believe in finding the balance between technology and manual labour. With world class technology and a group of 118 full time employees, we reap the reward of a positive work ethic.

We believe that Eendag Meule has a success recipe which benefits our community, our customers, our nation and surrounding countries.